Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watkins Glen

This year we spent Canadian Thanksgiving at Watkins Glen, in NY state.

It was insanely beautiful.

We spent a day walking the gorge, and wandering the town (and joy oh bliss, there was a Ben and Jerry's!)

Highly, highly recommend both the state park, and the gorge, there was really nothing that we didn't absolutely adore about this trip!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Another New Wave baby quilt

I'm getting my money's worth from the acrylic template I bought for this pattern.

Another oh fransson new wave baby quilt, for my cousin.

My cousin is pregnant with her first baby (a boy) and her mom (my aunt) hosted a shower this weekend. I didn't take a single picture at the shower, but I did have an interesting chat with a friend of my aunt's who referred to me as 'Mallory' the entire time. Perhaps she works for Starbucks?

Anyway, I didn't know anything about my cousin's colour scheme or nursery theme or anything so I built this quilt around the Heather Ross frog fabric in the middle, blues and greens with a pop of orange. I think it works, it's modern but still obviously for a baby.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Been a long time...

I kind of thought I was done with blogging, but then I realized that I missed having my pictures and stories together in one place. So, over the next little while, I'm going to try to backfill this blog, fill in the stories of the past year and a bit, then start writing about new stuff. We'll see if I stick with it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pink and Grey Heart Quilt

Ever since I saw this tutorial I have been looking for a project to make with it. C's coworker's pregnancy was the perfect excuse :) He gave me free reign, any design, any colours. Since baby-to-be is of the girl variety I chose a hot pink and silver colour scheme, then filled it in with softer pinks and greys.

It's backed with amazing hot pink minky dot and measures 40 inches square. I looooove it! Was hard to give away :) Definitely going to make this pattern again, next time in orange I think.