Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter on the farm

This weekend the Experimental Farm (and associated Agriculture Museum) is putting on a bunch of happy Easter, happy Spring crap for the kids. I'm not much of a farm girl but the babes adore animals so off we went today to see baby bunnies, baby chicks, baby lambs and goats and baby pigs (and OMG do pigs stink!!!) There was even an Easter egg hunt, a rather brave-slash-stupid thing to do with a bunch of toddlers/preschoolers in a barn full of brown-but-not-chocolate balls. Anyway the babes had a blast, and I enjoyed the company of these beautiful horses.


Christine said...

Definitely beautiful horses!

I was sure giggling at the "brown-but-not-chocolate balls" comment!

Now I'm wondering which stink more...pigs or cows? I know cows stink pretty darn bad! But then again, I've never heard the phrase, "You stink like a cow".

Makes you wanna go, hmmmmmmm.... (Arsenio Hall)

morgansmom2000 said...

Aw, how sweet those horses are!

When we go to the farm, the pigs always stink the worst, in my opinion.

Snicker, "brown-but-not-chocolate balls." That's just icky, but in a funny way!

joybear said...

They are beautiful!!!! So did you have to tie the shoes to the top of the car or did they avoid the brown balls???

HLHBC said...

Yeah, I want to see the picture of the mud crusted shoes!