Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trippin' on the blue acid, man

Poor Jonah had an optometrist appointment, and they put in those drops that dilate your pupils. This picture was taken some 4 hours later (on a fairly bright day) and his pupils were still blown! He tried valiantly to play outside on his bike but rather quickly decided that watching TV in the dim rec room might be a more comfortable option :)


HLHBC said...

Awww poor guy! So you'll need to tell us what the results of the test were.

Valerie said...

He's blind as a bat. We've already ordered his 'starter' glasses, which at +3.75 are 'half-strength', and once he's adapted to wearing them we'll move way up to coke bottle lenses. Poor fella.

joybear said...

Poor babe!