Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitty's very bad day...

Jonah (accidentally!) slammed Binou's tail in the door Saturday. We really had no
idea it was serious, but it was such a deep cut C took her to the emergency vet in the city figuring she needed stitches or an antibiotic. Instead they needed to amputate 1/3 of her tail (from just above the injury). Katie was near inconsolable. Jonah was guilt-wracked, though he doesn't really understand.

With her first, smaller, cone she managed to get the bandaging off her tail, so after re-wrapping it the vet put her in a ridiculous huge dog-sized collar. She can barely walk it's so heavy, but when we take it off for her to eat she's VERY interested in her bandages, so the cone will have to stay.

Poor kitty :(


Anonymous said...

Poor kitty! Susie Q

Shawna MacKenzie said...

Oh no - poor kitty! The cone always looks like such a torture device.