Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dental surgery

My poor princess. Both my family and C's are cursed with small jaws, and Katie has inheirited the smallest of them all. I'll spare you the graphic details but she has a mouth full of cracked teeth and tiny interdental cavities. The pediatric dental surgeon basically told us we can drug and freeze your baby 4 times to do all of this work, or we can do it all in one fell swoop under a general anaesthetic. Katie herself made the decision to get it done all at once.

Yesterday was the big day. She was a little nervous, and very miserable for having been denied real food an awfully long time (her appointment wasn't until after lunch so she was allowed only jello for breakfast and nothing at all after 10am). They let me stay with her while they gave her the anaesthetic and until she was asleep. I kind of wanted to take a picture of her laying there with her little hair net and peaceful expression but I just didn't have the balls to ask :) He ended up having to do more work than originally expected but it still only took a little over an hour (which feels like about 50 years while you're waiting)

She was really loopy when she first came out of the anaesthetic and ripped out her IV when she first woke up so when they brought us in to see her in recovery it was a little bit of a horror scene (the blood mixes with the saline from the IV bag and makes it look like there's 10 times more blood), but after sleeping the whole drive home and eating some soft pasta for dinner she was feeling pretty good. She even went to school today. She's a trooper.

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