Saturday, October 24, 2009

Will you remember me?

I'm not the universe's most outgoing person. I've been shy my entire life, and while I pride myself on being a good observer and excellent listener it doesn't exactly make me memorable. I joke with C that I could rob a bank, then come back 15 minutes later and stand in line for a teller and no one would recognise me. Of course, I won't rob a bank, but I'm quite serious about my anonymity. Generally it doesn't bother me (I'm an introvert by nature) but lately I've been thinking about how people will remember me in the future, or if they'll remember me at all.

My inlaws are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week. My sister in law suggested compiling a scrapbook of well wishes and memories from their friends and family members. I collected the stories and assembled the book. Reading the memories and the sweet things people said, and especially how many of them had known my inlaws more than 50 years got me wondering - if my future daughter-in-law was to compile a book like that in 39 years how many pages would it have?

My husband is an extrovert, the kind of guy you meet once and remember forever. So many people know us as 'C and C's wife' (or C and that stranger with him). Will future book be full of messages remembering the funny things that C has said and the great times our friends have had with him? Will anyone remember anything about me?

I don't mean it in a woe is me way, rather in a pragmatic 'is there something I should change before it's too late' way. Should I push myself to get more involved in the community, or in the kids' activities... it's tough because I'm not displeased with my life except for the lingering frustration that nobody knows who I am...

Do you notice the shy/reserved people in your life?

(As an aside, the inlaws received their book at a special dinner and they were very pleased :) )

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