Saturday, January 16, 2010


Jonah won a trophy for the family twosome bowling tournament which was held last week. He was totally bewildered, why were they giving him a statue? He was trying to sound out the word on front of it... 'cham.... pi..... nyon.... mushroom?' No honey, it's written in English, it says Champion! Once he understood he was totally excited but it took a LONG time for him to get there :)

(For the record he and C won the Peewee father and son division. They were also the only entrants in the peewee father and son division. Not that they weren't completely deserving anyway... but Katie and I had to contend with 4 other teams in the Bantam mother and daughter division, that's why we didn't get a trophy. That, and the fact that I suck at bowling :) )

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