Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve morning at my office, which traditionally throws a children's party for the kids of employees on Christmas Eve. The kids decorated cookies, made crafts and had a visit from 'Santa'.

Afterwards, we wandered across the river to papa's office for lunch and to enjoy the kids Christmas activities in his large complex, and were surprised and delighted when he was able to leave at noon-ish (we expected he'd work the whole day). Made for a lovely, calm day.

A quick stop in at a cousin's Christmas party before heading to the church rounded out the day.

The kids both sang at Christmas Eve Mass this year, and having sat through a good many of the rehearsals I'm shocked at how GOOD it was! It was GREAT really! The kids sounded angelic, the adult choir lovely, and it all went without a hitch (except that Katie had a tummy ache, but that didn't stop her from performing, or eating the candy that they gave the kids afterwards!)

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