Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving camping trip

We decided to take a little camping trip for Thanksgiving, all 5 of us. We love camping, and we all have good quality warm sleeping bags so we weren't worried about being cold. We chose Cedar Point State Park, not too far away, and reasonably close to Watertown, where we could do a little shopping. Our site was right on the water, so we'd have nice views, maybe some pretty sunsets....

We arrived rather later than we'd hoped Friday and were a little disappointed with our site, it was on the water, sure, but it was at the edge of the park, there was a cottage right beside it (like RIGHT beside it) and it was flanked by giant campers (we were tent camping). Still, we were undeterred, set up the tents and stuff in the dark and settled in. The next morning we were surprised by the wind, a near constant wind that blew across the water, but we figured it was just a windy day.

The park had some family fun activities that morning - costumes, clowns, crafts and lots of snacks, the kids had a blast. In the afternoon we drove into Watertown, shopped, had dinner at Olive Garden (a total highlight!) and returned to the campground after dark.... to this.

The constant wind had strengthened and blown down both of our tents. C and James fought with them for a few minutes before realizing that the wind was just too strong, we wouldn't be able to keep them standing. Thankfully the park operators were completely understanding and switched us to a site further inland, away from the wind. Threw everything into the car and moved across the park, setting up the tents in the dark, again.

Sunday we did nothing! The new site was much better, no wind, no neighbours, lovely view of the sheltered marina. It was really cold Sunday, but with a fire blazing and sweaters on we huddled together, played cards and washers, drank, ate like pigs and relaxed. Sunday is the day I'll remember when I look back on this trip (hopefully I'll be laughing about the tents blowing down by then!) And yes, despite everything, I hope we go camping for Thanksgiving again next year. But next time we'll know which sites to choose...

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