Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Lights Across Canada

All across Canada government buildings turn on their Christmas lights for the first time each year together, at the same time. In Ottawa it's, of course, a big old ceremony (ANY excuse for a ceremony in Ottawa, I kid you not), and they call it Christmas Lights Across Canada. This year was particularly special because the Princess was performing along with her school choir at the ceremony on Parliament Hill. So, of course, we braved the cold to see it :)

(She's one of the red blobs, middle/right. My kit lens has decided it's unhappy with focussing in cold weather. Not that I blame it, but it makes for some strange looking zoom shots).

Even apart from enjoying her performance it was a fun night. There were candles for everyone in the audience, free hot chocolate and beavertails (we didn't get a beavertail, the line was absolutely obscene).

And of course Parliament itself was magnificent when they turned on the lights and projectors. I really do love living here.

Even if it's freezing 6+ months of the year...

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