Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rubbah home

My parents made me a lovely little shelf to display my rubber stamp 'singles' - finally it's hung! Hopefully the little ones won't be too interested in snitching rubbah from the lower shelves :) I'm still going to need to make more room for my SU sets (currently they're exploding out of my bottom dresser drawer) and figure out a way to store my acrylics (currently tossed in a bin) but at least these loose stamps have a home now.

Sadly I haven't actually done much stamping lately, though I've managed to get a little scrapping cleaned up - a wedding album for a coworker, a little birthday album for a friend's daughter and a few more pages in my Boston trip album. Maybe the Easter long weekend will bring me a couple of hours to craft... hehehe yeah right. I'll have lots of time to scrap and stamp when the kids are gone anyway.

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