Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The secret stories around us

Little J started Beavers today at a local school (Americans will have to click on that link, I don't think you have anything quite the same down there...), and for once it was the princess who was restless. Despite the rapidly approaching dusk I took her outside to play on the play structure, and saw this sign. Curious, I googled the name when I got home.

Kevin's story

How sad, but how sweet that he will be remembered whenever kids play on this playground. A fitting memorial for a life lost too young.


joybear said...

that is so sad,

Sandra from NC said...

That is sad but what a wonderful memorial for a little boy.

Christine Delgadillo said...

So Beavers kind of sounds like a co-ed Scouting club? Anyway, it looks like J will be having lots of fun. And wow, what a sad story about Kevin.