Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Day in the Capital

Mr Obama, possibly the most popular American president of my time, descended on Ottawa today for perhaps the shortest state visit ever. I work 1 block from Parliament Hill (you can see both Parliament and my office building in this picture) and today's visit was sooooooo much different than when Dubya came by 4 years ago (that visit was horrid, tens of thousands of protesters, traffic nightmare!) Today was so much calmer, perhaps 1,000 people on the hill clamouring for a peek, however slight, of the new president. I heard the helicopters (I'm still not sure exactly what they were doing - following the motorcade? We don't do stuff like that for our elected leaders...) but could see neither the motorcade nor the president.

The picture shows the RCMP closing off Metcalfe St at Queen, part of the safety perimeter for Mr Obama.

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