Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'd like my hour back please.

I'm not a morning person.

Winter tends to be tough for me because it's dark when I get up in the morning (dark when I shower, brush my teeth, drink my tea, still dark when I leave for work). Just when the mornings were starting to brighten up... damned early daylight savings time again. It wasn't such a huge problem when it started in April, but now... just when mother nature was giving us a glorious taste of morning sunshine the powers that be who feel an inescapable urge to tinker with things push back the clock so that my morning routine and commute are, again, in the dark.

Forget that the sun goes down later, that it's bright now when I'm having dinner, I'm normally quite chipper in the evenings sun or not. It's the morning sunshine I need!

I have been ridiculously cranky this week. I know, there's probably more to it than just my stolen hour of sleep and my precious morning sunshine, the rain and cold don't help either, but DST is certainly a worthy target for my ire.

At least there are lovely sunsets over the lake.... oh, except this 'lake' is a farmer's field. Love that Spring flooding :)


joybear said...

beautiful!! I also am not a morning fun! I am glad K had a blast for her b-day!..She is adorable!! Glad you got one last skate in...LOVE the photo of you three together.

Liz said...

Beautiful picture - and it does look like a lake. I love DST in the summer, bu right now it is tough on the bedtime routine.

Liz said...

Valerie, I'd love to reply to you after you comment - I just need your email address.

The first 22 elements - now that is impressive. You might also enjoy this. The quality isn't the best, but it is worth a look. After 12 years I can still do it!

Angela said...

That is a beautiful pic!!