Sunday, January 20, 2013

Katie is Confirmed

A big day for our princess, she was confirmed in church this afternoon. I should speak glowingly about her commitment and about how beautiful the ceremony was, but the day was kind of marred by a misunderstanding about the start time that left her Godmother unable to attend, by the fact that her local grandparents chose not to attend, and by the fact that they crammed a group from Russell in with our kids so that our tiny church was absolutely jam packed. The service was presided over by Msgr Kevin Beach, who I guess is a good Vicar General, but we're all quite fond of our regular priest and the way he does things.

Afterwards we took both bits out for Chinese buffet to celebrate, which was simply a perfect way to wrap up a stressful day (did I mention we were stuck driving in snow squalls all day? Fun times!) We gave Katie a sweet little sterling cross and chain to help her remember her special day. Love that kid :)

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