Saturday, January 12, 2013


My bits are total shoppers (I should really request a DNA test, how can they possibly be mine with my hatred of malls?). The sitter gave them each a very generous gift card for Christmas and today we headed out to spend them :) First stop: Best Buy, little J was looking for Skylanders, we were disappointed by how crappy Best Buy's selection was, he picked out one and still has enough left on his gift card that we'll be forced to make another trip in the future.

Then we went to 'Ardene'. Leave it to the sitter (who is the mom of two teenaged girls) to know the perfect store for Katie - she loved EVERYTHING in there, I never thought we'd make it out alive! After trying on 2/3 of the store she finally settled on two tanks, a cute cropped off the shoulder sweater, a fur hat with teddy bear ears, a leopard print infinity scarf, bright blue earmuffs and two 'surprise bags' of jewellery. Happy girl.

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