Friday, May 10, 2013

A bright pretty little quilt

Another from the WIP list (#4 in my original post) I made this for my coworker's second baby daughter. She came a little early, so this one was an 'after her arrival' gift. Which turned out well as I was able to include a label with her name on it.

Everything in this quilt came from my stash, I purchased nothing new. There are fabric bits leftover from A's baby quilt, N's baby quilt, Sam's baby quilt and a dress I made Katie when she was a toddler. The solid purple backing is leftover from Jennifer's purple quiltie. Even the batting was leftover from another project. I'm pretty pleased by how cohesive it all looks given the multiple sources. More importantly it turned out bright and happy, which is what I wish for this baby and her parents.

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