Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project Life: my title page

Project life is a 'memory keeping system' (so says the promotional material), but really, it's a scrapbook with pockets that are supposed to make recording your life easier. I was pretty excited about this concept, not because I'm looking for easy (heck no, I generally take the most difficult route for everything!) but because I wanted a place to put those random one-off photos, cellphone pictures, ticket stubs and the other bits and bobs of daily life. So I plunged in. And every single page I've done has taken 20 times longer than it should. But you know what? I love them. And the kids love the book already. I know I'll be even more thrilled a few years from now to look back at our normal, typical, maybe a little boring lives.

I thought I'd share some of the pages here. To start, here is my title page:


The blue and red 4x6 cards are from the Cobalt Project Life core kit, the orange 3x4 cards are from the internet.

And here is week 1:


Again a couple of cards from the Cobalt core kit, a couple from the internet and 1 from a Studio Calico kit. And tucked into one of the pockets is a ticket stub from our NYE movie (exactly why I wanted to do this project!) I've also included the view from my office window, I hope to put that into every week, as a visual cue to the changing seasons (we'll see anyway)

Week 2:


1 core kit card, one internet card and a bit of scrapbook paper. A newspaper clipping (well, a picture of the newspaper clipping, newspaper itself would yellow and fall apart).

Week 3:


A couple of core kit cards, a studio calico card, another movie stub, and even a little bit of writing directly *on* the pictures. I feel like I can have fun with these in ways that I wouldn't in my regular scrapbooks.

That's enough for today, I'll post more pages bit by bit.

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